365 days ago, I blew out 23 candles. 
As I closed my eyes and calmed the flames, my wish was for everything to stay as constant and perfect as that moment. 

And it didn’t. 

Nothing in 23 stayed constant. 
I have cried the most I have in my entire life. 
I’ve been bitter, angry, sad, and confused. 
I’ve struggled with knowing where to begin my days. 
I’ve lost people I loved the most. 
And I said goodbye to what I thought was my future. 

But with the inconsistencies, I have learned so much more. 
I have laughed harder and louder. 
I’ve been happy, calm, grateful and at peace. 
I’ve realized how much strength I have.
 I’ve met more people to love. 
I’ve allowed myself to live in the present.

 If you told 8 year old me about 23, she would be so excited to grow up. 
She’d be in awe of the relationships I’ve formed. 
She’d be thrilled at all the adventures I’ve experienced. 
She’d be surprised at my relationship with God. 
She’d be proud that I kept going when I didn’t want to. 

So here’s to every shoulder I’ve cried on. 
Every person who held me at my lowest. 
Every way I felt loved and lost. 
Every conversation - big or small. 
Every adventure. 
Every late night drive. 
Every dance I’ve danced. 
Every breath of fresh air. 
Every laugh, every smile, every way God has worked in my life. 
Every moment in the last year that has molded me into who I am. 

Here’s to more, so much more.
 Here’s to 24.